Kiss Goodbye to Soulless Silo Mentality: Embrace the Holistic Business Practises for Amplified Impact, Profits, and Meaning
Gain hands-on experience how to amplify impact, profit and meaning with Holistic Business Principles and technologies for becoming a better leader or a team of conscious system performers.
My company is making more than EUR 5M, we work in EU and beyond and I need help setting up end-to-end responsibility and accountability meetings for myself and my core team.
My company is working 
remotely in EU and beyond generating EUR 5-100M per year. I and my team need help managing growth without falling into silos and anchoring our WHY.
My company is making EUR 100M+per year, we work in EU and beyond, remotely and on the sites. We need help establishing Holistic Business Performance across the company.


Holistic Business Performance
We help leaders and their teams amplify impact and wealth by applying Holistic Business Thinking and co-creating Holistic Business Performance for growing businesses as whole interconnected systems, rather than separate parts. 

4OO.OOO leaders.
10 years. 
Holistic Business Impact.

The Holistic Business University was founded on the idea that every company can grow:

Beyond silos

Beyond sustainability

Beyond AI

and amplify its positive impact and wealth.

Now more than ever, we need conscious teams and leaders who put the future of both humanity and planet first. 

It's our mission inspire leaders and co-create business growth beyond silos, while being fully aligned with their audacious impact and soul, even when companies grow from 50 to 5000 people.

After finishing the first world record attempt for most impact-lead leaders who aim to weave impact, profit and meaning in their system as the whole, we are opening the doors to the Holistic Business University.

These impact-led leaders and 
world record holders of #ceoworldrecord 2023 are practising
 the Holistic Business Rituals.

These impact-led leaders and 
world record holders of #ceoworldrecord 2023 
are practising
 the Holistic Business Rituals.

    Our flagship initiatives are the key programs that enable us to inspire leaders, business ecosystems, teams and transition toward soul aligned, impact-led Holistic Business Growth and our goal of inspiring 1 million leaders by 2027 to embed Holistic Business principles, co-create case studies and leave toxic, command and control  mentality behind.

    The holistic ceo FOR NEW LEADERS 
     Holistic Business Performance 


     In the world of cubicles and thousand-dollar suits you have conquered it all. 
    You know that a top-down organisational structures, hidden rules, fake values and arbitrary KPI’s are the illusion of control and toxic for your culture.

    You can easily establish a new business again.
    You can build new relationships in a new industry.
    You know you can rise from the ashes of failure - over & over
    ...BUT something inside of you doesn't feel aligned.

     Your past achievements have come by mainly pushing 
    the business growth at any costs. 

     You felt as you've gained the whole world and lost your soul.

    Today, when you play the game on your own terms, you aim for a meaningful system. A living culture where people feel a connection and impact from their work. 
    A structure where processes, growth, and decisions are deeply rooted 
    in the essence and purpose of your business.

    It’s time to remember that you’re here to create from your essence.

    Laura Gerrits & Vilma Nasteckiene, PhD Founders of the Holistic Business University and The Holistic Enterprise 

    We're on a mission to fully change the outdated, toxic top-down hierarchy and growth at any cost for the benefit of all mankind.

    By reaching, inspiring and co-creating Holistic Business Practises with brave CEOs and their teams, publishing case studies and sharing stories with the world.

    Our 10 Holistic Business Beliefs:

    1. We believe every entrepreneur and team can play BIG once they find their audacious business IMPACT

    2. We believe when a business IMPACT is bigger than fears, 
    a need for a top-down, toxic hierarchy is gone

    3. We believe that weaving impact, profitability and meaning in every step, thought and decision end-to-end gives a healthy performance control

    4. We believe your clients, suppliers and other parts of your ecosystem must actively participate in strategic sessions, accountability meetings and work together for amplifying impact and results

    5. We believe top-down org. charts must be replaced by holistic business structures. That visually shows how your business works as whole system and the role every team member in it

    6. We believe that silo driven KPI's must be replaced by impact, purpose and profit led measures igniting the teams to work for one PURPOSE

    7. We believe the soul aligned decisions come by asking a bold question in the meetings "Where do we lie to ourselves today?"

    8. We believe every company must embrace AI, sustainability and wellbeing 

    9. We believe failures and experiments in your teamwork reflect your audacity to think BIG, execute fast and adapt

    10. We believe it's time to bring your WHOLE self to work

    Results We Create for Alumni

    By applying The Holistic Business Performance  







    strong nested teams 


    Extremely Limited Time Offer for 25 CEOs & teams
    The one and only  Holistic Business World Tour 2024 starting in Vilnius.
     2 days hands-on, intensive for CEOs and their teams from 25 industries aimed to change the old ways of working and step into Holistic Business Performance.
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