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The goal of the world record was to gather the world’s greatest impact-driven leaders to create powerful collective wisdom to share with the world. 52 impact-led humans and leaders from 26 countries shared their wisdom.

"From EUR 60M to EUR 120M yearly revenue. Once you weave Holistic Business Principles into your system, the results are inevitable."

Laura and her team developed the finest details and implemented them on the daily, including visual holistic business meetings, the structure and routine in our manufacturing site in Lithuania. 

Later, together, we improved and replicated these amazing daily routines across the entire Kitron Group in Norway, China, Sweden and USA. When we look back, having a daily pulse of our business performance end-to-end allowed us to adapt to fast changing client and market needs and year after year delivers value to stakeholders and shareholders. 

As a large business group, today we the strength to execute our audacious goals. 

Israel Losada Salvador, COO at Kitron

"From EUR 4M to EUR 7M in a year with the same team. Today, I regret why I didn't decide for  Holistic Business System earlier."

As entrepreneur, I was making decisions alone and the team wasn’t developing business growth without me. After 10 years I reached the limit a one man can handle. After embedding the holistic business system, the teams are fully owning the responsibility and we are making decisions together.

I regret I haven’t started working this way earlier. My company grew beyond any imagination by doubling the capacity and sales with the same team and without a top-down structure. Myself, I regained joy and space to expand the impact we can make.

Remigijus mieliauskas, business owner

"We amplified our revenue in 2 years from 
EUR 11M to EUR 18M because we weaved our business purpose in every thought, every decision and every step of our daily work."

"We amplified our revenue in 2 years from  EUR 11M to EUR 18M because we weaved our business purpose in every thought, every decision and every step of our daily work."

A part of those was to change our managerial routines to the Holistic Business System, to change our silo mentality and become true leaders. 

Laura opened my eyes and made us aware how those below are a reflection of the top. Our strategy deployment and cascade was based on silos and vertical org. structure. This created loads of non-value activities, which encouraged firefighting rather than value creation. After a year of intensive work, we applied Holistic Business Principles in strategy planning, deployment and daily  business performance meetings. Now we all have one purpose and the same understanding about value and uniting end-to-end measures.  

Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO BAA Training

"From $28M to $58M sales revenue in 3 years it is a fantastic result to achieve."

Laura convinced the owners and the board of that strategy planning begins with studying the business as the system, “zooming out” and seeing the WHOLE. So instead of compiling SWOT internally, the entire leadership team visited customers on the field of work for three months and studied both their pain points as well as their dreams. That allowed us to identify the winning strategy and our sales are going up ever since. They guided us for nearly two years in the strategy deployment, daily visual management application, problem solving and leadership development.
We are happy to continue a cooperation with The Holistic Enterprise as our partner with the focus of increasing speed and quality of our service. Thank you Laura and Vilma!   

"Because I demand the best from myself, 
I choose to work with the best!"

Laura crafted and led the deepest and biggest end-to-end system and business model transformation possible. It completely shifted not only our mindset, but as well the facility management industry we operate in. 
It can be challenging for a CEO & COO to find the ONE consultancy, which works privately with only few clients a year and can truly become a part of the company. She is an exclusive talent, who will take you and your enterprise beyond your imagination. 

"This is epic! Finally the world has a talent bravely changing the silo mentality."

The Holistic Business Philosophy meets the desires of all the stakeholders and shareholders of the system.

Many companies are stuck implementing LEAN tools in hierarchical organisation structure, looking for the ways to eliminate waste in separate departments. What they do not understand is that the waste is the coinsequence of a poor system design. Laura and the team are extraordinary gifted and within 1-3 months can redesign the entire system. Today, I have a deep holistic business acumen because we worked closely together. Stop running the business based on silos, your purpose is too big to be squeezed in a top-down structure.

"Within the first 10 minutes, it was clear I finally found the consultancy that understands living systems, not just a blind applier of tools!"

I was very lucky to find Laura and her team when I started the transformation of the Nordea Group Function. I found a partner who shared our dream. A partner who had the bandwidth to design the system transformation by seeing a bank as a Holistic System. We created a plan, where the most difficult part was to impact the mindset of the leaders. The plan was developed and executed in the following 6 months. It was a great success. 
I observed and admired the dedication and competencies of Laura and her team. 

The key to the success was to consider the ecosystem holistically and then set up the daily holistic meetings focusing on our purpose end-to-end. 
Thanks to Laura, I have really grown. 

Francisco Lendinez, Global Service COO Nordea bank

"A true LEAN (Toyota Production System) Professional in Service and Start-ups!"

In a time of disruption, when companies’ growth is at risk, when customer experience, innovation, and efficiency became crucial for prosperity, the holistic business approach is becoming the secret to success. 

Breaking the organizational silos, solving problems, continuously improving, leading people to higher performance, leading better product development, leading innovation to achieve the company business purpose, and increasing the customer value, are the new challenges of every CEO. 

Choosing Laura as the Holistic Business Growth Queen is the best decision you can make to invest in yourself and your enterprise.  

Efi Ben Artzy, Entrepreneur

"It took me 5 minutes with Laura to understand why siloed performance fails. Since then I had the desire to embed Holistic Business System!"

The Holistic Business Principles allowed us to zoom out and zoom in on our tech business from the disruptive customer value, profitability, and technology perspectives. It elevated us from silos to a Holistic Business approach and changed deeply limited beliefs which prevented the growth. 

Every session with Laura and the team gave us so much energy, clarity, and real progress.

Now, with the Holistic Business Principles, we can grow our business from South Africa and the Middle East to the Moon.

Milda Nair, Regional Client Success Manager Middle East. 

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