Laura Gerrits, Founder of The Holistic Enterprise and Holistic Business University.

A mother. A nature lover. 
Living on the Baltic Sea coast Klaipeda, Lithuania, working globally.

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Laura is the world’s leading voice for revolutionary transformation of the hierarchical business structures.

Her team and she is unfolding a new Holistic Business Paradigm. A evolutionary concept for CEOs and the boardrooms to grow their enterprises as seamless Holistic Systems without stifled organisational structures, non-value red, green KPIs, and costly silo inefficiencies slowing you down. Her disruptive Holistic Business Framework© is a profound synthesis of Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, Lean (TPS), Innovations, Service Design and Risk Management. It is a future-looking holistic management approach, which lays solid business foundations for generations to come.

Since 2012, she has led and worked hands-on with Scandinavian, Northern European, and Middle Eastern CEOs in more than 40+ industries transforming the silo-based structures into holistic enterprises. She and her team set a priority group of a few of the most appropriate private clients to work directly with each year.

Laura and the team also offers carefully curated events at The Holistic Business University for leaders and their core teams, and delivers bespoke Holistic Business Workshops around the globe.

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